Silver Bull

Silver Bull (Bullion): A Guide to Investing in “Poor Man’s Gold”

Are you interested in investing in silver bullion (silver bull) – the poor relative to the other precious metals? Because it is the poorer relative does not mean it isn’t a great metal to add to your precious metal portfolio. Silver has some unique characteristics compared to the other precious metals, and this guide will explore the benefits of investing in silver as well as provide tips for purchasing and storing silver.

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Silver Bull

Why Invest in Silver?

Silver has been a monetary unit for thousands of years. It has withstood the test of time unlike the paper-based monetary units which fail regularly. Silver is a good way to diversify your portfolio. Unlike stocks or bonds, silver is a tangible asset that can provide a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Being able to hold some beautiful shiny silver in one’s hand allows one to appreciate the beauty and value of having a tangible asset as a store of value instead of worthless paper.

Besides being a monetary asset, silver is a major industrial metal required in a diverse range of industries. Because of its versatility, it has a very favorable demand equation in jewelry, electronics, and medicine. As the demand for silver increases, so does its value, making it a potentially profitable investment. This also affects the silver bar price, which is important when looking to buy silver bars or find silver bullion for sale.

Tips for Purchasing Silver Bull

When purchasing silver (or any other precious metal), there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are getting the best value for money:

  1. Research reputable dealers
    Jaguar Bullion has a reputation for selling high-quality, investment-grade silver. All our products, unless specifically indicated, are all .999 pure.
  2. Compare prices
    Shop around and compare prices, including the silver bar price. When you have your best price, contact us and we will endeavor to beat your best price (as long as it is a reputable dealer who has stock of the item you are looking to buy).
  3. Bars or coins?
    Silver bullion comes in coins (or rounds) and bars. As a general rule, bars and rounds carry less premium than coins. Coins are usually from sovereign mints or mints that make a limited run. When you are purchasing a larger volume of silver, bars are preferable as they come in higher denominations than coins. The larger the bar, the less premium, per ounce of silver, they carry.
  4. Check for authenticity
    When purchasing silver bullion, ensure that it is authentic by checking for weight and purity. If it is from an unknown source, request a certificate of authenticity. At Jaguar Bullion, we have our own machinery to authenticate each and every piece of silver to ensure it is bullion pure.
Silver Bull
Silver Bull

Storing Your Silver

Jaguar Bullion are strong believers in ALWAYS storing your own silver. There have been many historical instances when investors stored their silver in storage facilities only to realize when they went to retrieve the metal to sell, it wasn’t there. Even banks claim to be secure storers of metals, however, banks can very easily confiscate whatever is contained within their vaults if circumstances dictate. It has happened before and it can certainly happen again. We will not and do not store any customers’ silver or any other precious metal.

When storing your own silver consider:

  1. Choose a secure location
    Use a safe or some other lockable box. Store the locked box in a place where it is protected from fire, flooding, or burglary.
  2. Protect your silver
    Consider storing your silver in protective cases or sleeves. Touching the shiny surface could tarnish the metal and would require some time and effort to clean and restore the shine. If you would prefer not to waste valuable time, use a protective covering.
  3. Insure your investment
    Silver or other precious metals should be insured for the value paid or the updated value when the silver appreciates. If your silver is lost due to whatever circumstance arises, you wouldn’t be out of pocket and lose your entire investment. Insurance could either be contained in your current household insurance or in a totally separate policy. Speak to your insurance provider/expert who could advise you of the most appropriate method.

By following the above for purchasing and storing your Silver Bull, you can ensure you are getting the best value for your investment. Browse our selection of silver bullion for sale and if you do not see what you are looking for, give us a ring and we will get what you want or need.

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